Julie Waters – Natural Health Practitioner – Bega

Julie started her first clinic in 1982 and ran a busy practice, The Waters Health Clinic in Mosman, Sydney,  for 11 years. Julie and her husband moved to the Bega Valley in 1997 to enjoy the country lifestyle. She now runs a busy part time practice in Bega.

Julie gives her clients an understanding of how to stay well, take control and manage their life, in a confidential and nurturing environment where staying positive makes the journey to optimal health enjoyable and rewarding.

Julie uses NES body field analysis, iridology, Chinese tongue and pulse diagnosis and history to assess her clients needs.

Deviations from an optimal body field (manifested as illness, disease or pain) are then corrected in the recommended order with remedies, diet, lifestyle changes, frequency specific microcurrent, acupuncture and Bowen therapy.